My purpose

I am an art educator, designer, and creator of all things love. With a graphic design education and a growing awareness of politically engaged art, I developed my identity as a Xicana. Born and raised on the southside of Chicago, this positionality propelled me to apply knowledge to my lived experiences—the same experiences that ignited a resilient and heart-driven life. I recognize the urgency and importance of art as a tool for social change and the impact it can have for myself and the communities I belong to.

I recently earned an MA in Art Education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Passionate about teaching and learning, I continue to explore identity-based art-making and storytelling with middle school youth throughout Chicago. Currently, I am committed to the creation of autonomously driven and alternative spaces, such as healing circles by and for womxn of color, which cultivate the ground for self-development and self-determination for young womxn.

This kind of witnessing or testifying has always been part of the healing process and it is crucial for marginal communities and previously silenced voices. When we speak, we explore our sense of isolation...We take the first steps towards healing because we let the pain escape. We are not numbing it or pushing it down. Eventually, we will allow ourselves and others to remember and (re)experience the pain, to grieve the losses, and to know that we can survive traumatic events with a full range of emotions.
— Eden E. Torres, Chicana Without Apology

Some of my interests

  • Love
  • Storytelling
  • Grassroots Art
  • Arts Integration Education
  • Alternative/Healing Spaces
  • Socio-Emotional Youth Development
  • Cooking
  • Nail Art
  • Journaling
  • Video Making
  • Screen Printing
  • Reflection/Self-Care Practices